Saturday, June 30, 2012

Trans-Pacific Partnership

Trans-Pacific Partnership = TPP. It is the dream of the 1%. With 600 U.S. corporations as officials advisors, this stealthy international agreement has been negotiated behind closed doors over the past two years – with talks heading to San Diego in July.

What would TPP mean for the 99%? Millions more American jobs offshored. Backdoor deregulation for financial firms to wreck the economy again. Floods of unsafe food and products. Higher medicine prices. A ban on Buy America policies needed to create green jobs and rebuild our economy. Foreign corporations empowered to attack our environmental and health policies in foreign tribunals.

Closed-door talks are on-going between the U.S. and Australia, Brunei, Chile, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam; with countries like Japan and China potentially joining later. The 600 corporate advisors have access to the draft text of this deal that could change all of our lives. The public, Members of Congress, journalists, and civil society are excluded. Until now… get involved!

Source: Public Citizen | TPP 2012

Monday, June 4, 2012

Where's The Real Inequality?

Here is the much-talked-about TED talk on economic inequality and the fallacy of the "trickle-down" effect, given by venture capitalist Nick Hanauer.