Thursday, April 11, 2013

Call Me An Independent

After yesterday's budget plan in which the President pulled a Neville Chamberlain by offering up our Social Security benefits as a bargaining chip to the Grand Old Party of hate, I'm now fully convinced that all three branches of Government are owned and controlled by large corporations, and the 0.1% of the population sitting atop of the economic pyramid.

So, after being a registered Democrat for many years, today I re-registered as an Independent voter. I finally figured-out that the Democrats hold us in contempt just like the Republicans do, except they're not as in-your-face with it, and try to do it more covertly. But, they all work for the corporations paying for their election into office.

Not that becoming an Independent will do me any good, since I don't really believe the 99 percent of Americans filling in the rest of the economic pyramid have any say in how our Government operates, it's just my way of saying "fuck you" to a corrupted political system.

Personally, the only person I trust in the Legislature is Senator Bernie Sanders.

He seems to be the only one willing to tell us the truth about what's happening in Congress, to stick up for the average American, and is someone who actually does exactly what he says he's going to do without compromising his principles. I mean, I thought that's what being an American is all about?

Bernie Sanders on the Independent in Politics from on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

UN Accused of Failing to Protect Whistleblowers

James Wasserstrom, a United Nations whistleblower retaliated against for reporting corruption within the multilateral organization’s mission in Kosovo – and who subsequently underwent an intense legal battle – made his case yesterday in New York City at a press conference. Before members of the media, he emphasized the negative message that his case’s meager settlement sends to future UN whistleblowers.