Friday, March 23, 2012

Does Your Employer Own You?

Does Your Employer Own You?
It's being reported in the news recently that more employers are requiring potential employees to give them their Facebook passwords as a condition of employment. As expected, this gross invasion of privacy has created so much outrage that even the ACLU and one Senator have begun to address it.

But, if you think about it, it's not just "employers" who are solely responsible for their dastardly deeds. It's not "employers" who are demanding this information, it's people who are doing it.

It's someone, just like me and you, who was probably in exactly the same position as the person being interviewed, but only months before. It's that same person you went to high school with, your neighbor, the guy you worked out with at the gym, the woman you bumped into at the grocery store, the family you go to church with - WE are enabling employers to do these outrageous things.

For some strange reason that escapes me, many of us feel that once we become employees we're obligated to carry out any order that our employers demand. We seem to freely give up our personal beliefs, our ethics, our morals, and even our rights as individual Americans just because that's what our employers expect. We follow their orders without once ever considering, or caring about, the consequences of our actions.

Why is it that once we're hired, we automatically consider anyone who doesn't work for our employer to be the enemy, or someone to be abused or exploited?

Many of us aren't "getting it" about what's been going on lately in America. We can't see how we are active participants in having our rights subtlety being taken away little-by-little, our lives marginalized, and our futures destroyed. We're allowing ourselves to become manipulated and enslaved. You can blame your employer, but really, it's our own fault for enabling their sinister behavior.

Have some fucking balls and quit being your employer's Huckleberry. Think about what you're being told to do before you do it, and don't be afraid to use that empowering word "NO!" once in a while.

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