Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Lottery Of Birth | A Documentary

So, you think you're free. And your values, beliefs and choice of film are all down to you, right? You might even go so far as to assert that you are your own person.

The Lottery of Birth is a documentary that's going to make you think about those freedoms again. Drawing on the best minds in philosophy, history, physics and economics, it employs decades of evidence to deftly interrogate who we are.

Soon after we're born, we discover the virtue of doing what we're told - it's the only way to get along in society. But this film brings into devastating clarity what happens when we switch off and obey: the defense of 'just following orders' sounds as hollow now in the mouths of bankers and tabloid journalists as it has at any other point in history.

In a world rocked by scandals across our banks, media and government, what we really need is a hero or two - and this documentary delivers heroes in spades. Physicist Vandana Shiva, journalist George Monbiot and the late, great historian Howard Zinn all dazzle with their ability to see things differently and their invectives against apathy.

Whether you're into ethics, economics or simply being a better person than you were born to be, you can't afford to miss this film. Now playing at the Sun Valley Film Festival, here's the trailer -

Source: Creating Freedom

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  1. Wow! This looks amazing. Thanks for posting it. I'll have to share it.