Tuesday, October 1, 2013

About The Government Shutdown

The criminals running the show and playing their games have no sympathy for ordinary Americans.


  1. Funny, just a few weeks ago we had enough money to drop bombs on Syria. Today there's not enough to pay White House tour guides.

  2. It's day ten of the Government shut down and the GOP presented a plan to extend the debt-ceiling deadline in exchange for spending cuts. And what type of spending cuts are they proposing, and who will those cuts affect? Senator Bernie Sanders explains the proposed plan and says "don't be hoodwinked".

    Let's see if the President caves into GOP hostage demands again, pulls another Neville Chamberlain, and agrees to unnecessary cuts in social welfare programs, instead of instituting cuts in military spending and corporate welfare programs.

    Personally, I think this was the GOP plan all along, and that Obama already agreed to it secretly before the shut down, but waited until this crisis point in order to create pressure on the public to agree to a deal, and to make the Democrats "seem" like they were against it, but were forced to negotiate in America's best interest.

    But, that's just the cynical, conspiracy theory side of me talking. I hope I'm wrong.